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Loft Conversions

loft-conversionsWhy consider a loft conversion? There are many reasons, it can add value to your home, give a quiet space away from the everyday rabble of family life, you’re children are growing up and need more space to have friends over to stay. It is not always feasible or financially viable to move house or have an extension built. By converting your loft space you are utilising the space that is already on hand within your home.

Even in a small house you can acquire an extra bedroom or much needed office space, with a larger loft conversion you may be able to combine a bedroom with an en suite and that well needed office u have always longed for.

With the implementation of Dormer or Velux windows, you can be assured of lots of natural light, because of this your energy bills will be dramatically reduced as there is less need for artificial lighting and heating costs.

Some loft conversions are easier than others; unfortunately this will affect the price of your conversion. The first step to see if you can convert your loft is go into your loft and see whether you are actually able to stand up. We will then have our structural engineers assess your loft to see whether it is viable to convert.

Another important consideration to a loft conversion is, “where will the stairs go”! It is often the case that the stairs will directly follow on from the existing stairs in your home, however if this is not the case we may have to take space from another room to create a new staircase. Stairs for loft conversions are subject to rigorous building regulations as they are often the only means of escape in the event of a fire. We can discuss with you the possibility of using “space saver” staircases; all stairs must have a wall at one side so we will also discuss the possibility of building a partition wall if necessary.

We will discuss with you all aspects of the design and completion of your loft conversion, including what type of windows you require, if you have enough space already Velux windows may be all that you require, these will lie flush to the existing roof without causing any other building work. If we are unable to use Velux windows alternative options would be a Dormer or Mansard roof. Dormer constructions will add extra head room to your loft, whereas a mansard will create a new roofline protruding from the existing one, normally in an A shape.

We as a company understand that any building work on your home is a stressful time, especially in the case of a loft conversion, builders and craftsmen will be walking through your home for the majority of the time, not to mention the fact that roof will be absent leaving your home open to the elements.

Our aim is to make you a loft conversion we can be proud of with as little disruption to your everyday life as possible. All of our craftsmen uphold the upmost respect for you and your property.


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Loft Conversions


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