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Home Extensions

home-extensionsExtending your home is a great way of gaining more space, whether your family is growing or just growing up or maybe it’s a room for that snooker table you have always had your eye on!

Extending your home doesn’t have to be the stuff of nightmares, if you plan ahead. One of the most common pitfalls of a home extension is planning permissions. Local authorities have the final say in any planning matters and building regulations set standards for certain types of building works, this means that the project has to been overseen by your local authority to make sure that these regulations are being met.

Another major consideration with a home extension is your neighbours, it is always advisable to speak to them before any major construction work, as it will not only be disruptive to you but to them as well, your neighbours may have decreased sunlight or be overlooked by your new proposed build. It is always advisable to speak with your neighbours before applying for planning permission.

Do you require a single or a double story extension?

Single story extensions are usually easier to get planning permission for, the project should be more straightforward and any problems during the build, easier to rectify, causing less disruption in the long term. It is common practice to apply for a double storey permit and only build a single, if you are planning to sell your property a planning permit already in place may increase the value. Double story extensions, will create more space and may not be as pricey as you first thought, to build a second storey can be just as simple as a single. You will also retain the balance of your property keeping the aesthetic look to your home and creating a balance of upper and lower rooms.

What should your home extension look like?

When choosing a design it is important to make sure that it is “in keeping” with your existing property, it needs to appear as if was an original feature of the house and not an afterthought. Brickwork should match that of what already exists and style of roofing is also an important factor to consider.

Love Construction Ltd can ensure that all aspects of your home extension will be undertaken with the highest standard and care of work, we have an extensive range of specialists that will ensure that your house becomes your dream home.

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Home Extensions


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