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Fitted Kitchens

fitted-kitchenWhat is a kitchen? Sounds like a silly question. To us a kitchen is the heart of your home; it’s a place that should be filled with warmth and laughter! Where does everyone end up at parties? In the kitchen! Our fitted kitchens are designed to make what was once just a functional room in your house into an extended living area, a place for enjoyment and not just slaving over a hot stove or chained to the washing up!

With our wide range of both contemporary and traditional designs, you will have a fitted kitchen that is tailored especially for you.

What’s the most important element of the fitted kitchen, is it the style, is it the colour? NO the most important aspect of a fitted kitchen is that is actually fits the space available. It is vital that we obtain the exact measurements of your kitchen space to ensure a quality finish, so our trained professional fitters will come to your home and measure to the millimetre. As a company we have been in the trade long enough to understand that not every wall is straight, power sockets can be in all sorts of awkward places, skirting boards that go a little wayward. Our team will take all of these factors into consideration and allow for them in the final design.

Our team will also advise you on what type of kitchen is the best for the shape and size of your room whilst also adhering to you, the customer’s wishes.

Why chose us to fit your kitchen when you can walk into a well known hardware centre and “pick up a kitchen”. They cannot offer you the quality and the high standards we do, our team of craftsmen have between them extensive years of knowledge and take pride in a job well done. The kitchens they fit have been especially designed for you so there is nothing less than 100% commitment to quality.

All of our kitchen cabinets come with soft close hinges and drawers and convenient service gaps that allow any unsightly wires or pipes to be deftly hidden away.

We take the worry out of having the most important room in your house refitted, we contract plumbers and electricians where necessary, hopefully making the whole experience as streamlined as possible.

We have many satisfied customers that can attest to this and have recommended us to family and friends.

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