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Exciting Career Opportunities For Mechanical Engineers


Recently, I posted some articles regarding Mechanical Engineering Jobs. Those articles enlighten some of best Mechanical Engineering Companies to work for. Now, this article focus on Various Mechanical Engineering Jobs Profiles in Industries around.

1. Power Generation:

Power sector is one of core places where mechanical engineers are constantly summoned. Take power plant of any type and any size, they need mechanical fellows to work there. Mechanical engineers can go for various work profiles there, from supervision of machinery, controlling various things, maintaining, designing (in initial phase) and many more.

2. Manufacturing, Production:

This is another big field for mechanical engineers. Any product, of any size, which is produced in large scale needs proper manufacturing facility to keep the quality high and cost of production low. Here mechanical engineers work at different level like at shop floor, inventory management, labor management, customer support, maintenance, design etc.

3. Maintenance:

This sounds like bit generalized term. But every industry needs the maintenance. Once the manufacturing facilities are set, maintenance team is responsible for running it for long term. In industries, there are people who invest their careers in maintenance field. Maintenance teams have planned maintenance. They take preventive maintenance to avoid breakdown. But, breakdowns are unavoidable. And this is time when these people are on fire. Labor, production line, machine downtime cost all are on stake, they have to resolve it ASAP.

4. Thermal & Thermodynamics:

Various industries like automobiles, compressors, power plants, refrigeration need persons having knowledge of Thermodynamics. This is one of core things that mechanical engineers learn in their academics.

5. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning:

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning can be considered as much evolved part of Thermal section. Today our cooling, rather I must say temperature conditioning, needs are allowing RAC sector to grow.

6. Automobiles:

Do I need to say anything about relation of Automotive / Automobile sector and Mechanical Engineering? They are always there!

7. Materials:

Science that deals with (metal) materials is called as Metallurgy. Though, there is dedicated stream Metallurgical Engineering, they are less. And mechanical engineers also work in the field.

8. PLM, CAD, CAM, CAE and Design:

This sector connects the two streams Mechanical Engineering and Computers. Mechanical engineers can work with various design softwares, product life-cycle management software, planning etc. Apart from using the softwares they can work in developing them too, but this needs their more interest in programming too.

9. Mechatronics, Automation and Robotics:

This is combination of Mechanical and Electronics. It is very popular in these days of Automatics. It needs knowledge of Designing and embedded systems.

10. Research and Development:

No industry can grow without Research and Development. This department need all kind of people and so do mechanical engineers. It depends on Industry too.

11. Teaching:

Teaching absolutely great after having bunch of industry experience. This is great way to share your valuable experience with people.

There are definitely way more of the Industrial Careers – Mechanical Engineering Jobs profiles around the world. If you want to share anything please reply in comments. Also, consider sharing this article or Plus it on Google.

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