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In any kind of manufacturing product design plays very important role. Product is always in 3 dimensions while design, if on paper, can always exist in 2 dimensions. There are some engineering drafting method for representing 3 dimensional measures in 2 dimensional paper. Isometric Drafting or Isometric Projection is engineering designing method for representing 3 […]


Though our expertise here at Love Constructions lies within the home improvement sector, from loft conversions to conservatories tailored to your exact needs, we still stand in awe at architectural wonders from around the world. It’s true that the UK is home to its own impressive constructions, but this is just a slice of what […]


There are thousands of references in which you might have heard in theoretical concept and in various practical uses of lasers. They are used in many day to day things, right from the portable CDs to sophisticated system, Laser has several use. Laser stands for ‘Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation’. Well here we […]


Recently, I posted some articles regarding Mechanical Engineering Jobs. Those articles enlighten some of best Mechanical Engineering Companies to work for. Now, this article focus on Various Mechanical Engineering Jobs Profiles in Industries around. 1. Power Generation: Power sector is one of core places where mechanical engineers are constantly summoned. Take power plant of any […]

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